College football players should not get paid

It will be traded for lackadaisical plays and half-ass efforts that we sometime see from pros. NCAA usually abbreviated to the name of the lawyer, Jeffrey Kesslerwhich seeks to do away with compensation limits entirely.

College Athletes Getting Paid? Here Are Some Pros And Cons

This is because their schedules are filled with training, exercise, school and sports-related activities. Would the quality of the broadcasts or the coverage or the staging of the events be somehow diminished.

Scholarships are almost a quid pro quo — I offer a student a scholarship on the condition that he plays football. I would love to hear new points that you might want to share. Football players at Northwestern University — with a little help from the United Steelworkers — are petitioning the National Labor Relations Board to form a union.

These arguments I thought were the main contributors to the contrast between paying and not paying college football players. Players who stay in college for four years might sacrifice a year or two of earning potential in the NFL in order to stay in school long enough to earn a degree.

Because so many athletic departments run at a deficit, it's difficult to make the case that schools should pay regular salaries to athletes, even football players who produce more income than anybody. Sometimes the decision to leave school is purely economical as many players are lured to the potential money that can be made at the next level.

Money will always attract people. Even as a former college athlete, I am at a point in my life where I can understand each side. That's right, football and men's basketball players get paid; lacrosse, field hockey, softball, baseball, soccer players get nothing.

InShabazz Napier was quoted: McCarron is the quarterback of the Alabama Crimson Tide. It could prevent abuse. In a new analysis for the Journal of Economic PerspectivesJohn Siegfried, professor emeritus of economics at Vanderbilt University, and Allen Sanderson, senior lecturer in economics at the University of Chicago, examine the economics of college athletics and argue that the current scholarship-only model is virtually unsustainable.

Neither is the student-journalist who spends his nights writing freelance stories and picking up as much money along the way as he can. Yeldon also holds the freshman record for running when he ended the season with 1, rushing yards total.

Why would players stay in school when they can get to the big leagues and have some of those material possessions that many students flaunt. A Heisman Trophy capped his big year, making him the first freshman to win the award.

Even today, almost all college sports programs lose money. And yet the result of all this is not a paycheck, but a bill. Furthermore, there will be a lot of questions to be answered to ensure that any financial compensation that will be given to these players is fair across the board.

So many parents would sacrifice for a few more years in order for their son to improve his draft stock or earn a degree. Nothing about the way hundreds of millions of dollars is distributed is equitable or even fair.

This is something that has been a growing issue in recent years. The new stipend "is a modest amount, but it's definite solid progress," said Ramogi Huma, president of the National College Players Association, which is trying to win recognition as the first union for college athletes.

The following year, he threw for three touchdowns as the Tide manhandled the Fighting Irish in the title game. In other words, not paying college athletes might be used by unscrupulous individuals as an opportunity to lure to conduct shady business.

That way, the players will get to share their blessings with the entire college or university. It could put unnecessary burden on smaller colleges. If some sports programs are actually losing money, why keep them. Elite college football coaches have very difficult, stressful jobs and accordingly are very well compensated.

Still, it’s not surprising that the football and basketball players may want to be paid. After all, they are just following the example set by their coaches and colleges in these big-money sports.

basketball player “There’s no more money. Everybody is working as hard as they can to generate as much revenue as humanly possible and all, but a handful of schools operate in the red.”.

Candid Coaches: Should players get paid for their name and likeness while in college?

I do think players should get paid if they "declare" pro sports as their major. No different than learning a trade, being paid to be an intern as a doctor or dentist or as a musician for that matter. But it wont happen. Not because it shouldnt, but because of labor laws and Title 9 requirements.

Should college athletes get paid?

Why College Athletes Should be Paid

The NCAA president tells CNBC that an all-expenses-paid degree is better than a paycheck. Mark Crammer / AP. Football players at Northwestern University have been. Compensation for players has emerged as one of the top issues in college football over the last few years.

Several possible solutions have been floated, including a stipend covering full cost of. It is not illogical to suggest that inventors, who are college students, and athletes, who are college students, should be treated the same, i.e., each should share in the value they create for their institutions without being penalized.

Stanford, for example, paid, not penalized, the founders of Google for their inventions while they were.

College football players should not get paid
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