Should we spank our children

Jesus said that as many as he loves, he rebukes and chastens. Slavery was once upon a time acceptable. Spanking is lazy parenting if that is your first line of control. Yes it should but only if all seven proofs of larceny are present. Read more about my family on Moosh in Indy or follow me on Twitter.

Even more effective is positive reinforcement for good behavoir. So what does the world have to say about spanking. Get a life, yes, but go get a kid and see if your advice actually works. In my opinion spanked children grow up with messed up minds in far greater proportion to people who were not spanked.

You've done your job, and they are being punished. Consequently, parents should refrain from using spanking as a disciplinary measure. Casey and I felt like we were at our breaking point. Praise God for his word. We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

In this article I'll explain what the world says about spanking, and I'll also explain what the Bible says about spanking. Spanking a child is God's way for a parent to lovingly administer discipline.

Should we spank our kids?

In conclusion, I feel sure that most parents love their kids and seek the best parenting for them. My parents and I have a very close relationship now I, too, have that look and tone and they both know when I mean business. It's working so far It's the spanking itself that was ultimately ineffective.

When we spank we create psychological harm, mistrust of others, and learn that violence is acceptable. They see a generation of children who seem beyond control and point out it happened when spanking was disapproved.

If they pout, and throw a fit in their room, so be it. Many work more than one job to see the child has the basics. Therefore, in an argument with a friend, they are more likely to lash out with their fists, rather than work it out with words. Old Man Gordon Certainly a time out in a child's room should properly be called isolation, hence 'emotional abuse.

That is when I pull myself away for a "mommy timeout". Even that didn't stop her. There are two groups with opposing views on spanking. However, not spanking does not mean no discipline. I don't want to tell you to go against your pastor, but even a pastor can be wrong.

8 Reasons to Spank Your Kids

Children who feel respected WANT to behave appropriately. How could you know this. Many children who are spanked just learn not to get caught. To be perfectly honest, this is one thing I could not compromise on.

We Spank Our Children

Why would I want that for my kids. Hitting makes him feel unlovable, no matter what things you say to the contrary. They cannot reason why they are being hit and equate being hit with being unloved. It is indeed a hot topic.

I knew my parents loved me. We encourage you to note the root of that word —disciple. You will, hopefully, be parents whose children follow in your path, hence the most important people the  · I think it is sensible to spank a small child if that spanking might help prevent greater pain.

If they don't have the logical understanding to make decisions, it is better that they make a good decision out of fear of spanking than make a bad decision, ie walking › Forums › Controversial Topics.

· The Bible clearly says that we are to discipline our children, and spanking is clearly suggested as a recommended method of discipline. That doesn’t mean we should spank for every offense, nor does it mean we should beat the child black and  · Most every time I ask this question the answers say we should spank our kids.

I am not for spanking and have never spanked my 10 year old little. I will yell at a parent if I ever see someone spanking their

· Most experts are adamant that children should never be spanked under any circumstances.

Should We Ever Spank Our Children?

Nonetheless, some parents believe that spanking is the best way to get children to adhere to rules. Whatever your position is on spanking, it’s clear that spanking can have some negative "The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith." Let’s talk about corporal punishment, and whether or not parents should use it.

Webster’s Dictionary defines it very simply: “bodily punishment, as flogging.” Let.

Should we spank our children
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