Texting while driving should be illegal

Sure, it opens up to a full key board, but it's seldom if ever used. The only exceptions are emergency calls to or The incidents of accidents resulting from texting and driving are increasing daily, and need to be stopped.

The five states that do not ban all drivers from texting do have certain limits -- such as prohibiting "novice" drivers from textingaccording to the GHSA.

I specifically purchased a non-touchscreen phone that has a digit key pad on the front.

Sample Paper: Texting While Driving Ban

Why would you want to risk your life just to send a text. A mere one percent says that the practice should be legal. OR Should we teach our children on how to safely have sex and of the dangers of not doing so.

This will help keep everyone safe including fellow drivers on the road and pedestrians. It is true, that cell phone companies and service providers have only made it more difficult to text safely, instead of taking up a safe stance by providing Talk to Text services as a default function or all phones.

In his youth, he became a senior officer in the colonial militia during the first stages of the French and Indian War. I text while driving, safely. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called the study "completely misleading". Driving while talking on a cell phone is illegal in seven states.

If you have any direct comments, feel free to message me directly at: This increase could be attributed to drivers over the age of 30 sending text messages. Now that hard data is coming in, Adkins said, it should encourage states with no texting bans to consider them.

Hopefully the cell phone companies will stand by this movement of no cell phones in the motor vehicles. Specifically, the benefit was seen in states with "primarily enforced" texting bans, Ferdinand said. There are new cell phones coming out daily with many more features and buttons.

Sample Paper: Texting While Driving Ban

If you must contact someone while driving, at least call the person on speakerphone. Reading or sending a text or email takes both eyes off of the road, your mind off the task of driving, and sometimes both hands off the wheel. Do you think that you should be focusing on anything other than the road while driving.

Despite these incidents, texting was still on the rise. Restrictions on cell phone use while driving in the United States Map of laws for cell-phone use and text messaging while driving Texting while driving is generally outlawed for drivers in all states and the District of Columbia except ArizonaMontanaand Missouri.

In battle, however, Washington was sometimes outmaneuvered by British generals with larger armies, yet was always able to avoid significant defeats which would have resulted in the surrender of his army and the loss of the American Revolution.

Texting while driving: Does banning it make a difference?

Just wait until your insurance company finds out that you have received a citation for texting and driving. Washington was widely admired for his strong leadership qualities and was unanimously elected president by the Electoral College in the first two national elections.

No driver wants to think about being responsible for a traffic accident that takes his or her own life or the lives of other motorists or pedestrians. That is why texting while driving needs to be stopped.

These advertisements are hard to watch. This includes when stopped at traffic lights. If you drive an older model vehicle, invest in a cell phone with Bluetooth technology and voice recognition technology that will allow you to send and receive messages hands-free.

I text while driving, safely. Texting, the CDC says, is especially dangerous, because people have to take their hands off the wheel, their eyes off the road and their minds off of what they're doing.

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that texting while driving should be illegal, a new CBS News/New York Times survey finds, with 97 percent saying the practice should be outlawed.

Texting while driving

Inmillion automobile accidents were caused by texting and driving. Texting and driving makes you twenty-three percent more likely to be involved in an accident. The bottom line -- texting and driving is seriously dangerous.

Statistics by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

10 Pragmatic Reasons That Will Make You Stop Texting and Driving Today

Put down the phone. Keep your eyes on the road. Stay safe. Texas is one of only seven states that doesn’t completely ban texting while driving, but many local jurisdictions have passed laws making it illegal in their cities. The state also has laws banning texting while driving in certain situations.

Right now, 45 states and Washington, D.C., ban all drivers from texting, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), which represents state highway safety janettravellmd.comd: Sep 18, Texas also prohibits school bus drivers from texting while driving.

But experts are quick to point out that nationwide legislation is imperative, and not just for novices. 55 rows · Cellular Phone Use and Texting While Driving Laws 4/30/ The .

Texting while driving should be illegal
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Poll: Texting + Driving Should be Illegal - CBS News