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So naturally, Keoma makes it his mission to visit justice upon the quartet, enlisting the aid of dad and Woody Strode in his pursuit of rightness. Quentin Tarantino is chiefly interested in the exchanging of barbs and threats more than he is in action.


Magic rituals intended to resurrect his wife instead opened the doorway to demonic creatures who took possession of the remaining slaves as well as his children.

Among the classic western movies based on the exploits of the historical characters, this one is a hilarious action western indeed. Whoever had the ultimate word, the result is a thrillingly old-fashioned Western tweaked for modern audiences.

His life gets drifted more towards tribal values than his army duties. A modern western depicting end of the wild west. He grew old, got nostalgic, and struck out on a new adventure.

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The Shooting is a hypnotic affair, fatalistically leading to one of the great head-trip finales of all time. Wayne does a fantastic job in embodying a conflicted, complex man whose racism and desire for revenge sets up a situation far more morally ambiguous than Cowboys vs.

Django Unchained is sickening satire, bloody, uneasily hilarious and entertaining in that Tarantino fashion that squarely divides audiences.

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His adulation for the aging, legendary gunslinger Jack Beauregard Henry Fonda launches the old hand into a series of confrontations that increase and burnish his personal mythology while building to a final confrontation wherein the designation of Fastest Gun in the West is passed on to his young admirer.

Even among the assortment of odd ducks named in this collection of films, The Missouri Breaks is pretty damn strange—a plotless, shapeless film about a cattle thief played by Jack Nicholson who is targeted by a land baron who prefers to deal with criminals himself instead of calling the law.

Butch is the brain; Sundance is the muscle of the gang. Quite shocking in its time, and still shocking now, the end of The Cowboys plays out as a Lord of the Flies set in the Old West. Sam Peckinpah Imdb rating: With that in mind, we here at Paste set about collecting Westerns from all over the map and across the ages to assemble our picks for the best Western films of all time.

Brando plays a tortured, revenge-minded gunslinger who goes up against his old friend who once betrayed him, played by Karl Malden.

The acting and screenplay is top notch. Open Range confidently takes its time building to a violent crescendo.

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A better point of debate: His best movies were those starring matinee favorite Randolph Scott, a standard, chiseled Hollywood hero, going toe-to-toe with neurotic, psychopathic heavies, like James Best in this one.

While Sturges and screenwriter Leon Uris reportedly heavily researched the incidents, the film is still a fairly fanciful treatment of the events in Tombstone. Kevin Costner Imdb rating: This is as classic as it can get.

Joel and Ethan Coen Year: Boetticher builds up tension to a feverish degree, though the finale is unexpected in its moral weight and thoroughly satisfying.

A tight screenplay and solid, at times almost overwrought, performances keep the ticking-clock action suspenseful and engaging. The movie focuses on a love triangle between a marshal Kris Kristoffersona gunman Christopher Walken and a whore Isabelle Huppertwhile a highly charged conflict erupts around them among poor Eastern European immigrants, the rich cattle ranchers who want them dead because of their poaching, and the mercenaries employed to do the killing.

Wayne and Fonda are a dynamic screen match, their rivalry the crux of the various human dramas that preface the climactic battle, and make Fort Apache far more complex, and enriching. Bad Day at Black Rock Director:.

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Good list of top western films about cowboys released on dvd in,and Sep 25,  · full length western movies on youtube for free. We give our picks for the 16 best Western movies of all time. As you can guess, John Wayne makes a few appearances.

Good list of top western films about cowboys released on dvd in,and Best of Rotten Tomatoes. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes. Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores. Westerns on the Web Watch Westerns Movies online free.

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