Why christians should study secular literature

Most of the authors I have never heard of and from their biographies in the textbook, they do not embrace a Christian worldview.

Why Should Christians Read the Pagan Classics? – Reason 4: Education

The Greeks are our first teachers in the natural order. Students will be aware of the beauty and power of biblical expression and understand how artistry clarifies and reinforces meaning. God rested on the seventh day, not because he needed to, but in order to teach us the value of existence.

Moreover, art can transcend and become greater than its artist. Literature offers us the beauty of words and stories, and as such, reflects the glory of God present in language, narratives, and the stuff of creation.

What constitutes a worthwhile use of leisure time. Not an easy thing to do. Socrates and "Oedipus Rex. For sheer variety and magnificence of artistic effects and structural finesse, the Bible is incomparable.

Literature can not in itself make us a better person, but it can assist us in that quest. Overstatements, yes, but they illustrate my point. You have touched on one of the most important questions for Christian educators.

I find this to be a particularly relevant question.

How Should Christians Approach Secular Literature?

The question as to whether or not a Christian should read secular literature is worth examining; the answer comes from at least two considerations. As a Christian, on the other hand, I believe that the body and soul are both good things created by God and that God intends to resurrect our bodies as well.

Why Christians Should Study Secular Literature

This so-called comedy is about three arrogant Boy Scouts that earn a badge by lying, cheating and stealing. This is so fundamentally obvious that we tend to overlook it. The Greeks studied His creation of human language, and we study the Greeks.

When sending His disciples out "to the lost sheep of the house of Israel," Christ warned the twelve that they were "as sheep in the midst of wolves" and commanded them to be "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves" Matt.

Do they have a place in Christian schools. Part of being fully human under God is rejoicing in the wonder and joy that songs and stories and language can bring to our lives. The use of secular textbooks also depends on the subject matter at hand.

As we respond to and analyze these, we can gain a greater knowledge of the human psyche. Because of the Greeks—because they were the first to develop these fields.

However, if we never introduce them to other perspectives while still under Christian instruction they are open to discouragement and confusion when exposed to opposing ideas in college or later in life. A good math text from any source can be integrated into a Christian classroom by an alert instructor without much concern.

At LCHS, scripture is used as the reference point for all literature studies. Is there another way. There is no written teacher or student materials, however.

The subject is who or what the sentence is about, and the predicate asserts something about the subject. After listening to and reading lessonsfor why Christians need to read secular literature. The point that I agree the most is how electronic media, mainly television is not as valuable to learning as studying literature.

Why Study Literature? 1. Literature reflects human ideas, beliefs, and societies. Christians too should love it and seek to understand it. 2. When we read literature, we discover common human ways of understanding life.

Why Christians Should Study Secular Literature

We find similar messages, insights, and lessons. We read about closely related experiences. Why Christians Should Study Secular Literature Thread We, as Christians, should study secular literature because it challenges our minds and builds our faith.

God constructed our minds so that we can determine what we intake as well as what we put out. The Christian classics, which are included in secular collections such as the Harvard classics or Penguin Publishers, are, generally speaking, works on the Christian faith whereas the “pagan” classics are all secular- literature.

Nov 20,  · In brief, secular literature is Literature that is not religious innature. Some examples of authors of secular literature are.

Why Should Christians Read the Pagan Classics? – Reason 4: Education

Sinclair Lewis. Eugene O'Neill. Pear l S. Buck. T. S. Eliot. It is important to study secular literature not only to understand the world, but also to find the sacred amid the profane. As Augustine expressed, all truth is God’s truth.

All people have access to God through natural revelation, whether they know it or not.

Why christians should study secular literature
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Why Should Christians Read the Pagan Classics?: Education